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Mastering condo living amid the summer heat


This article was initially featured in the Inquirer Mobile App on April 6, 2024 authored by Ar. John Ian Lee Fulgar.

Living in a condominium in the tropics offers unique opportunities and challenges, especially when the summer heat intensifies.

With strategic approaches, you can still create a comfortable and enjoyable living environment amid high temperatures and humidity. Thankfully, some forward-thinking developers like Shang Properties Inc. are making it easier for you to transform your living space into a peaceful oasis that brings joy and happiness to your daily life.

Cooling strategies

Make sure to have your airconditioning units checked regularly to ensure efficiency and avoid breakdowns during critical times, especially before the summer heat peaks. Strategically using motor fans can likewise enhance your condo’s airflow and cooling efficiency. During the more relaxed parts of the day or night, position fans to create cross-ventilation that pulls cool air inside and pushes hot air out through windows. Another tip is to switch to LED bulbs as these emit less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Although having plants is more applicable to ground-level outdoor spaces, condo residents can also advocate for green spaces within their building’s grounds or use indoor plants to improve air quality and provide some degree of temperature control.

In the case of Shang Properties, its developments are built and thoughtfully designed to have ample open spaces, pocket gardens, and greenery in the common areas to provide residents serene, expansive areas to unwind and relax. Among such unique amenities are pocket and rooftop gardens, lounges, meditation areas, and other natural spaces.

Design a cooler home

Consider the material and color of your floors, walls, and ceilings. Lighter colors reflect heat and certain materials can help keep the room cooler. Installing reflective window films can also reduce heat gain from direct sunlight.

Select furniture that breathes. Materials like wicker, bamboo, and cotton can keep the space airy and open. Use light-colored curtains or blinds to reflect sunlight away while allowing natural light to brighten the room.

Kitchenette coolness

During peak heat, minimize the use of ovens, stovetops, and other appliances that generate heat. Plan for meals that require minimal cooking, or use countertop appliances like slow cookers, microwaves, or induction cookers that produce less heat.

A cluttered kitchenette can trap heat. Keep your countertops clean and organized to improve airflow and make the space feel calmer and more open.

Bedroom bliss with linens and bedding

Select covers and bedding made from natural, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. These materials help regulate temperature by allowing air to circulate freely, significantly improving sleep quality during hot nights.

Light-colored bedding reflects light and heat, contributing to a cooler sleeping environment. Using lightweight duvets or coverlets instead of heavy blankets can prevent overheating. Some fabrics wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and fresh throughout the night.

Bathroom refresh

After taking a shower, open the doors to remove excess humidity from the air in your condo. A portable dehumidifier can be an excellent alternative. Taking cool showers to lower your body temperature before bed would also help.

Outdoor living and common amenities

If your condo includes a patio or balcony, make it a summer retreat with outdoor rugs, plants, and comfortable seating. This will extend your living space and provide a cooler outdoor area to relax in during the evening.

More than just extensions of living spaces, the balconies in Shang Properties’ developments also ensure better ventilation and circulation inside the units. At Haraya Residences in Pasig, for example, units come with Italian-inspired loggias where residents can breathe in some fresh air, place a few potted plants, and enjoy the stunning city vistas.

You can also take full advantage of your building’s amenities such as pools, lounges, and garden areas. These spaces are designed for relaxation and can offer a respite from the heat, encouraging community among residents. The Shang Residences at Wack Wack, for instance, offers luxurious resort living set amid beautifully landscaped gardens neighboring one of Manila’s heritage golf courses.

The author (www.ianfulgar.com) is a leading architect with an impressive portfolio of local and international clients. His team elevates hotels and resorts, condominiums, residences, and commercial and mixed-use township development projects with innovative, cutting-edge design and business solutions that have garnered industry recognition, making him the go-to expert for clients seeking to transform their real estate ventures Shang Properties allows you to transform your space into a peaceful oasis.

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