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A Sharp Eye for Detail, a Fine Appreciation for Luxury Living


This article was initially featured in the Inquirer Mobile App on January 13, 2024 authored by Amy R. Remo.

Since its inception in 1987, Shang Properties has stood out for its timeless design philosophy—that of uncompromising vision, elegance, and harmony in all details There’s no overstating it: opportunities abound in real estate.

More so now as the Philippine economy, among the world’s fastest growing emerging markets according to an S&P Global commentary published in December, continues to show robust expansion and strong recovery from the pandemic. As it is, the sector already displayed remarkable resilience in the midst of the pandemic, during which property developers in the Philippines were able to quickly pivot to cater to shifting preferences and sensibilities.

The question thus today isn’t why or when to invest, but rather which—which developer to trust your investment with, which developer is able to cater to your needs and aspirations, and which developer better suits your multifaceted, sophisticated lifestyle.

With its stellar track record and impressive portfolio, Shang Properties Inc. opens up a multitude of opportunities for investors to tap the potential of the Philippines’ expanding real estate market. Beyond merely selling residences, Shang Properties presents platforms to help create wealth, secure financial future, and elevate lifestyles. Here are some reasons why Shang Properties’ developments should be part of your own investment portfolio.

Resilience amid economic shifts

Luxury developments have historically shown resilience in the face of economic downturns. And this has been clearly evident with Shang Properties, whose projects continued to command a premium even during the pandemic. In fact, many have increasingly sought to live in its exquisite residences as their features and amenities catered to their changing preferences.

Renowned for crafting exemplary, upscale living spaces, Shang Properties thus ensures your investment is anchored on stability and poised for long-term appreciation.

Prime locations

Shang Properties Inc. strategically selects prime locations, setting their developments in some of the Philippines’ most sought-after locales. This deliberate approach not only enhances your lifestyle but also positions your investment for maximum returns as the locations, on their own merit, contribute to capital and price appreciation.

For example, Shang Salcedo Place and The Rise Makati offer one of the most coveted, most prestigious addresses in the country—Makati City. One Shangri-La Place presents the luxury of being within Shang Central, Shang Properties’ estate in Mandaluyong City. Shang Residences at Wack Wack meanwhile places residents in an upscale community neighboring the historic and highly exclusive Wack Wack Golf and Country Club.

Exquisite craftsmanship, design and details

Investing in luxury properties isn’t just about having tangible assets in your portfolio—it’s also an investment in a refined lifestyle, a statement of sophistication.

Since its inception in 1987, Shang Properties has stood out for its timeless design philosophy—that of uncompromising vision, elegance, and harmony in all details. This is primarily among the reasons why Shang Properties developments appeal to a highly discerning market with a sharp eye for detail and a fine appreciation for luxury living.

Exclusive lifestyle amenities

Shang Properties has been known to curate lifestyles as it ensures to integrate top tier, best-in-class amenities—some of which are yet to be seen in the Philippine market. Each development offers an exclusive suite of amenities that does not only elevate living experiences but also adds intrinsic value to your investment.

Laya by Shang Properties, for instance, offers amenities designed for various pursuits and interests. Besides having pools and a fitness facility, Laya will have a workspace, library, yoga studio, viewing room, game room, and a lounge, among other communal spaces designed to help you relax and unwind without needing to venture too far from your home.

High demand for luxury living

In recent years, there has been a growing preference for luxury developments among Filipino investors and homebuyers. This is reflected in the shift beyond conventional considerations such as location and cost. This time, there’s a growing emphasis on luxury, quality, and lifestyle considerations in property acquisitions.

Shang Properties aptly caters to this demand by creating exemplary residences, which showcase its commitment to excellence, opulence, and craftsmanship. One need to only check its portfolio of existing developments and upcoming projects to discover that Shang Properties is indeed a perfect fit for today’s most discerning homebuyers and investors.

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