Rise to the new times

By Ar. Vittoria Mawis-Aliston@INQ_Prop

September 3, 2022 12:00:00

As we ride the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, are you ready to rise up to the challenges of the new times ahead?

While our country is still recovering from the challenges brought about by the virus, we have gradually gone back to the pre-pandemic daily grind. Work remains vital, with many companies incorporating work-from-home setups with occasional face-to-face meetings. Traffic has gone back to its usual busy state, with many finding it difficult again to rush through the streets of Metro Manila in time for work.

While it’s a relief to return to a regular schedule, don’t you sometimes wish things could have been made better—even better than the pre-pandemic era? Thankfully, there are still opportunities to rise up to the challenges and live a better life. It all remains in your hands.

Central business districts are back

During the worst of the pandemic lockdowns, many central business districts (CBDs) resembled ghost towns. Ortigas, Bonifacio Global City and Makati, in particular, saw streets going silent and offices becoming bare.

Nowadays, however, these major financial hubs have regained their usual hustle and bustle. Workers and tourists are back, and they seem to be engaged in revenge consumption and travel. The malls are as packed as ever and traffic is once again giving us headaches on a daily basis.

If you love going back to the city but hate the old problems it presents, perhaps it’s time to consider a change in lifestyle. Specifically, it might be time to consider getting a home within the CBD itself. Having a condominium or apartment within the city would allow you to minimize time in traffic and be able to go to the malls during non-peak hours. The fact that urban residences are usually located adjacent to commercial centers doesn’t hurt either.

If the COVID-19 pandemic threatens to spread once again, you will be able to get your basic needs easily with this setup. Now that CBDs are back in business, it might be wise to step up and put yourself at the center of it all to gain the best opportunities.

Surviving hybrid work schemes

Many companies are also back in the offices, but changes have become evident in the workplace. With employees having gotten used to working from home, a lot of companies have adopted a hybrid work setup. This provides greater flexibility for employees, with their time divided between face-to-face and work-from-home schedules throughout the work week.

This means, however, that many employees can’t venture far from their workplaces if they want to retain their jobs. Whereas many people went home to the provinces at the height of the pandemic, many have been forced to flock back to Metro Manila now that things are beginning to settle down.

If you have to work using a hybrid setup, wouldn’t it make sense to find a place where you can easily shift between home and office? The ideal place to live in during these times is a home where you can comfortably access WiFi from your bedroom yet be able to quickly run to the office if needed. It would also be nice if you can have some access to a garden or a pool near your home to help alleviate stress and regain focus. A condominium in the city can easily respond to these needs, helping you maintain work-life balance.

The ideal home setup in the new normal

Now that we are entering the post-COVID-19 era, changes have been made everywhere we go to ensure our safety and comfort. When it comes to your own lifestyle, doesn’t it make sense to also make changes to adapt to the new normal?

A new condominium unit might just be the change that you need to elevate your lifestyle for the better. Not only would you be able to avoid traffic, both human and vehicular, but you’ll also get to pursue a work-life balance even with a hybrid work setup. In many of our CBDs, there are a variety of in-city homes for you to choose from.

Makati hosts one which, in particular, offers strategic location, luxurious amenities and spacious dwellings. This is The Rise by Shang Properties Inc.

Located on Malugay Street in San Antonio Village, The Rise is just a stone’s throw away from the major arteries of the city which are Ayala and Sen. Gil Puyat Avenues. The building is also conveniently located in close proximity to Makati Medical Center, Ayala Triangle, Greenbelt Mall and other go-to places within the city.

From studio units to two-bedroom units with balconies, there are a variety of homes you can choose from within the building. All units get ample ventilation and sunlight and have easy access to green spaces. Amenities include a sun deck, jogging trail, multiple pools, children’s play area and several lounge areas. The Assembly Grounds, a boutique retail mall, lies below the residences, providing tenants easy and highly convenient accessibility to their essentials and leisure providers.

Overall, it’s quite a relief to get back to our normal routines, but changes are needed to survive the new normal. Getting a new condominium unit in the city might just be the big change you need to jumpstart your life in this new era. A new home might just help you pursue your goals and career opportunities, allowing you to rise above the rest and become the best version of yourself in the new normal.



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