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Aurelia Residences: A Luxurious Escape in Taguig’s Newest Condo Development by Shang Properties


What does Aurelia Residences by Shang Properties offer in Taguig?

  1. A safe and secure environment
  2. High-quality amenities and facilities
  3. Access to prime locations
  4. Luxury and prestige
  5. Excellent property management


  • Aurelia Residences in Taguig is presented as a high-end condominium that combines style, functionality, and comfort without extravagance.
  • It prioritizes safety with adequate parking, provides top-notch amenities for a pleasant lifestyle, offers easy access to prime destinations, oozes luxury and distinction with magnificent views, and promises exceptional property management with a completion date of 2024.

Have you ever imagined life in a high-end condominium, where style meets functionality, and comfort blends effortlessly with prestige? Aurelia Residences by Shang Robinsons Proprties Inc., Taguig’s newest condo development, might be the place your aspirations have been pointing toward.

This astounding advancement transcends mere grandeur and luxury. It is dedicated to creating a living experience for people who appreciate the better things in life without the need for extravagance.

In this article, we will go on a tour of Aurelia Residences, where every detail of this magnificent condominium oozes extra and the promise of a fulfilled lifestyle.

A Safe and Secure Environment

In today’s fast-paced metropolitan life, security and safety are paramount concerns. Aurelia Residences, Taguig’s newest condo development, fully recognizes the significance of these considerations.

Strategically situated in the heart of Bonifacio Global City (BGC), this condominium offers much more than just breathtaking metropolitan views; it provides a tranquil haven where residents can find peace of mind, an invaluable commodity in a world where security is often in short supply.

Residents of this development can look forward to a stress-free city living experience, free from the hassles of urban parking. With three basement parking levels and a ground-level parking facility, this security feature ensures that you can focus on what truly matters to you.

High-Quality Amenities and Facilities

High-quality amenities and facilities

At Aurelia Residences, no detail is neglected in the aim of providing the greatest standards of life to residents, including tenants. It’s more than simply a place to stay; it’s a place to live life to the fullest. Here’s why:

Thoughtful Curation of Experiences

Luxury, as Aurelia Residences defines it, isn’t solely about extravagance; it’s about crafting experiences that enrich daily life. This approach benefits renters by providing them access to a lifestyle that’s well beyond the ordinary.

Clubhouse and Amenities Floor

Located on Levels 1 and 2, these areas welcome residents with an ambiance that strikes the perfect balance between extravagance and tastefulness. For residents, this means having the privilege to unwind in style and entertain guests in spaces that exude charm and sophistication without the need for ownership.

Architectural Brilliance

Aurelia’s architectural design reflects its commitment to balance and elegance. The building’s distinctive three-petal shape not only provides stunning views but also maximizes natural light and ventilation. This translates to renters living in a setting that feels renewing and revitalizing, improving their general well-being.

Access to Prime Locations

Aurelia Residences understands the crucial role of location in high-end condominium living. This esteemed development offers a location that gracefully combines convenience and sophistication.

Residents can simply walk to some of BGC’s top shopping and dining destinations, including Central Square, The Fort Strip, Bonifacio High Street, Burgos Circle, and Uptown Mall. But it doesn’t stop there; Aurelia Residences extends beyond BGC, seamlessly connecting you to neighboring districts such as Makati, Forbes Park, Dasmariñas Village, and EDSA, making your daily life more accessible.

Its proximity to the Manila International Airport, international schools, and hospitals means that international travel, education, and healthcare are just a stone’s throw away. Aurelia Residences’ strategic location enhances the high-end living experience, creating a place where luxury effortlessly meets convenience.

Luxury and Prestige

Luxury and prestige

At Aurelia Residences, luxury isn’t about showy extravagance, but a genuine blend of comfort and prestige. The name, derived from “Aureus” (Latin for gold) and “Aura” (an atmosphere), reflects the development’s inherent beauty and elegance.

Aurelia Residences doesn’t need grandiose labels; its excellence shines through. Every view from this property pays homage to its quality, whether it’s the stunning scenes of the Manila Golf Club, Forbes Park, and the Makati skyline, or the serene panorama of Laguna Bay in the distance.

Excellent Property Management

A beautifully designed space is not the end of luxury living. It continues with outstanding property management. The commitment to excellence at Aurelia Residences extends to its management team, which ensures that every facet of everyday living within the community is thoroughly taken care of.

With a projected completion date of the end of 2024, future inhabitants of Aurelia Residences may expect a harmonious blend of beautiful living and efficient management.

Key Takeaway

More than just a condominium, Aurelia Residences by Shang Robinsons Properties extends an invitation to a lifestyle characterized by the harmonious fusion of sophistication, security, and extraordinary convenience.

If you’ve ever envisioned yourself in a premier condo that feels like an extension of your home, Aurelia Residences is your dream come true. Don’t pass up the opportunity to engage in this extraordinary living experience.

Contact Aurelia Residences by Shang Properties today to chat with one of their knowledgeable agents and begin your road to your ideal high-end condo living. Aurelia Residences has your dream home waiting for you.

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