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Strokes of luxury, elegance done the Shang Properties way


This article was initially featured in the Inquirer.NET on September 2, 2023 authored by Vaughn Alviar

Mention the world renowned “Shang” brand and instantly, one would associate it with luxury and elegance.

And why not? Globally, the Shang brand has a strong presence across 78 destinations, especially in the hospitality segment. In the Philippines, the Shang brand has been highly regarded not only for its hotels and resorts, but also for its commercial real estate footprint.

Shang Properties Inc. has built luxury residences, office spaces, and retail complexes that embody the brand’s endless pursuit of class, while showcasing the skill and expertise it has acquired while curating contemporary spaces across the globe.

Enviable lifestyle

All Shang projects herald an enviable lifestyle, thoughtfully inculcated into the process from the moment of planning and design to the construction and finishing. Projects ensure a spaciousness that gives dwellers and visitors the freedom to move and express themselves. They are well-appointed so that anyone who enters immediately gets a feeling of privilege.

Intangible value

All that also means that properties curated by Shang offer more than just the usual benefits of owning a piece of valuable real estate. It also comes with an intangible value that speaks volume of its sterling reputation as a brand that epitomizes luxury, sophistication, and impeccable service. This value lies in its ability to evoke a sense of timeless elegance and exclusivity, and in its unwavering commitment to excellence—all of which solidify its position as a symbol of prestige and aspiration.

Expert management

That value is further preserved because of Shang’s expert property management, tried and tested by years of experience. This ensures the longevity of the projects and preserves the integrity of Shang’s DNA as a vanguard of luxury through space and time. Once again, you find this in the small things, in the most minute of details—from its exquisite finishings, impeccable services, and even the scent of its common areas. All the efforts not only enable residents to achieve the high life but, in the grander scheme of things, also accord you the opportunity to lead a well-balanced life.

When you move into your Shang residence or office, or visit its retail spaces, details speak loudly of the meticulous course undertaken by Shang—from the layout to the furnishings, all of which offer awe, opulence and real value. Amenities and features, modeled after premium destinations and concepts, help people share in an experience of an elevated lifestyle.


One other advantage: Shang sets you up for success. The brand does not shoot from the hip whenever it decides to establish a presence in any locale. It ensures the presence of a market there, and respects that market by building in a winning location. It should be convenient for workers to report to the office. Residences should easily lead to opportunities to live, work and play. Retail spaces should be centrally located to help tenants grow their businesses.

It is also because of that assurance that anyone acquiring property with Shang, whether it be for occupancy or investment, has a reliable partner in the brand. Real estate is traditionally an inflation hedge, allowing people to preserve the value of their money over time. However, Shang and its dedication to luxury also ensure capital appreciation, a reason to stay on as a partner of the brand over the years, even for generations.

Properties curated by Shang offer more than just the usual benefits of owning a piece of valuable real estate.

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