Stylish living with The Rise in Makati

By Ar. John Ian Lee Fulgar

September 10, 2022

We have heard countless anecdotes about the advantages of living in a central business district, particularly those relating to accessibility and convenience. Nonetheless, a select number of individuals who desire to treat their property as a sanctuary from the formality of CBDs also favor a second burgeoning neighborhood.

Home for the style makers

The Rise Makati is a 59-story, three-wing commercial and residential condominium located at the heart of the emerging North Makati (NOMA) district, just 8 minutes away from the Makati central business district (CBD). Due to its access to various restaurants, supermarkets, schools and hospitals from its north, west and east wings, The Rise has quickly become a favorite for many homebuyers, investors and business owners.What makes the vicinity of The Rise special is its abundance of burgeoning art, culinary and design establishments such as galleries, indie music venues, delicatessens and other one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. In the middle of overly formal and busy CBDs, properties like The Rise Makati, located in an emerging cultural district, are a wondrous gateway to experience.

The Rise isn’t only for style enthusiasts but also for residents who prefer to be surrounded by exciting destinations instead of traveling to one.

An architectural statement

Outside, The Rise offers an imposing form away from the usual rectilinear form of most high-rise structures. Instead, it features a tri-radial form that creates a lovely vista in all directions.Aside from its eye-catching design, the tri-radial form is also efficient in ensuring that all units are getting natural access to light and ventilation—a luxury for many condominiums nowadays. Its angled sides can also serve as dust and noise buffers which can be especially helpful given its location between two access roads.

With perfectly planned elevator banks at the core, traveling becomes swift, reasonable and practical. This orientation also makes wayfinding throughout the building very legible.

Bringing creativity and culture indoors

Matching the expressive neighborhood is The Rise’s equally fine decorative showcase in its interiors. From interesting combinations of neutral tones to enriching wall, ceiling and floor patterns in attempts to break the monotony, The Rise’s world-class amenities incorporate taste and allure into its minor details.

Aside from its generous amenities, The Rise also offers a variety of unit types ranging from studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units wherein, depending on their respective locations, they may have an additional balcony. Some of the units here are uniquely shaped to accommodate the building’s tri-radial form, ensuring that all spaces in each residence are arranged for optimization. Each unit type offers spacious floor areas that are perfect for working from home, living independently, fostering families and more.

A rising future at The Rise

With celebrated world-class architecture and interior design, what could be a better way to experience this thriving and evolving sophisticated lifestyle than at The Rise?

The author is the principal architect at Fulgar Architects, pioneering unique and metamodern design specialties for various real estate projects from hospitality, condominium towers, and commercial to mixed-use township developments in the Philippines. He collaborates with multiple industry specialists to develop joint venture opportunities for landowners and investors. Please visit

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