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Shang Properties Inc. has undoubtedly captured the highly discerning luxury market. And by all means, it was no mean feat.

Shang Properties Inc. has undoubtedly captured the highly discerning luxury market. And by all means, it was no mean feat.

The affluent and well-heeled buyers of upscale and ultra-luxurious developments, after all, demand nothing less their money’s worth, focusing not only on the physical property itself but also on the added value and the so-called “intangibles” that come with every project.

And for Shang Properties, these come in the form of luxury, quality, and services.

Hotel experience

“People know us mainly for our Shangri-La hotels and resorts… And we truly believe that our projects are an extension of our hotels. With our projects, you will feel that when you are buying a home, you are buying the experience of a hotel—in terms of the lobby, the amenities, the finishes. You will feel as if you’re staying for a weekend in a hotel,” explained Miguel Feuermann, director of property management at Shang Properties.

“Imagine a hotel experience in a residential environment. You have security, a nice doorman greeting you when you come back home, 24/7 concierge, an amenity center that is out of this world, and a beautiful swimming pool. You can go to the lounge where we provide amenities, complementary Wi-Fi, as well as tea and coffee facilities. All these things will make you feel like you’re in a hotel,” Feuermann said.

He further pointed out that one of the reasons people check in at a Shangri-La Hotel other than luxury would be safety and security, which is exactly what one could have when buying a unit at a Shang Properties project.

“We put the safety and security of our residents at the top of the list. We truly believe that you’re not only buying a unit. You are also buying the services like the safety we can provide. You would also want to be safe with your investment, you want to make sure that the business is looked after, and that there is (proper) maintenance of the structure,” Feuermann said.

This, he added, was to help ensure that the development will appreciate over time, such that when you decide to sell your unit, you would have already gained from your investment.

Nestled at the heart of the Makati central business district, Shang Salcedo Place is located along the streets of Gil Puyat (Buendia), Tordesillas and H.V. Dela Costa, conveniently within reach of offices, commercial establishments, topnotch schools, and medical institutions.

Built in partnership with Hong Kong-based firms Wong & Tung International Ltd. for stunning architecture and world-class interiors, and BTR Hong Kong for the amenities and lobby design, Shang Salcedo Place houses over 700 thoughtfully designed studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom units that are perfect for busy professionals and growing families.

The 67-storey luxury condo also offers an escape from the toll of the daily grind with amenities for much-deserved personal unwinding or quality time with the family, including adult and kid-sized pools, a fully-equipped 24-hour gym, a tranquil outdoor garden, multi-purpose game rooms, and indoor and outdoor children’s play area, as well as spacious function rooms for larger gatherings.

Strong demand

According to Feuermann, they have already started the turnover of units at the Shang Salcedo Place last May and to date, they have handed a couple of hundred keys to their buyers. The fact that they have a few units left at Shang Salcedo only means that there remains a strong and real demand for luxury residential projects, he added.

“We only have few units left. We truly believe that if we were to put up another project similar to that one, it would do just as well… There’s plenty of entry level units in the market, but for these luxury units we’re putting up, there are people who want this kind of development either for personal use or for investment,” Feuermann shared. “We believe the (luxury residential) market is quite strong given the quality of projects that are coming out in the market.”

Feuermann believes that the growing demand for upscale projects stems partly from the country’s robust economy.

“I think the economy is very strong right now and hence people are investing in the Philippines. There’s a certain stability in the country right now–foreign investors are coming in and buying. Also, interest rates are low. It’s a combination of everything. More people are looking at the Philippines, particularly Manila in terms of real estate, because it’s still cheaper (here) compared to many other capital cities,” Feuermann explained.

“In our case, we’re even selling to people from Singapore, mainland China, Hong Kong and Australia. These are our customers, who are buying units, and at times, even a whole floor,” he concluded.

Indeed, finding a home near the office or your kids’ schools can be a luxury in itself, but Shang Salcedo Place goes beyond convenience to offer a unique city living experience.


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